Let’s say you go on a 12-hour trip, now you’re somewhere else, it’s 3 or 4pm and your body temperature dips because it thinks it’s 3 or 4am. This is all part of a system that then resets.

Assistant Professor of Biology Dipesh Chaudhury

link: ( https://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/research/impact/our-research/2019/time-the-solution-to-jetlag.html )

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The role of dopamine in aversively motivated behavior, which appears in Volume 1713 of Brain Research (BRES). review published by Dr. Dipesh, Basma and He Liu. 9th May 2019.

Congrats to Basma, on getting a travel award for the Advances in Sleep and Circadian Science Meeting in Florida  coming up in Feb 2019.

Lab members participating in Abu Dhabi science festival January 31 - Feb 9 - 2019

Welcome to Ashutosh Rastogi on joining the lab as research associate - 6th Jan 2018 

Congratulations to Basma and He Liu on getting their review paper "The role of dopamine in mood disorders and the associated changes in circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycle." accepted for publication in Brain Research - November 2018

Welcome to Priyam Narainon on joining the lab as new Post-Doc - 11th Nov 2018 

Congratulations Basma on an inspiring video 2018 (https://streamable.com/1gcs5)

Congrats to Basma Radwan on getting the highly competitive L'Oreal Women in Science (Middle East) award - August 2018

Welcome to Aisha Al Hammadi on joining the lab as a research assistant - August 2018

Congrats to Gloria Jansen on getting into the MRC PhD program at Cambridge University!! - June 2018

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Book Chapter with He Liu published - June 2017

Book Chapter with Basma and He Liu published - August 2016

Interview with Natalia at Mad Talks - Feb 2016     (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRTj1BeYAbw)